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Walt Morosco (Aka Crowman,  ‘Kagi Wicasa’)

Hammer, chisels, and files are my tools. I work primarily on the different types of steatite stones. Along with Serpentines, Alabasters, Sand Stone. Most my work has been inspired by various Native American influences that I have been exposed to over the years. Style goals are a ‘basic primitive’ or whatever it turns out to be. I have no agenda to promote except to keep working as long as I can. I have sold a few things and given some away. The stones are a lot of work by hand and serve as sort of a penance for days long past.

I first started a long time ago but, stopped then after meeting ‘Tony’ and Ted both Chumash stone carvers in 1994. I was inspired and encouraged to renew my work again. Friends have encouraged me to share my work albeit by this website. Artwork sales in a recession is slow. Unless there is an offer I can’t refuse we’ll let the stones stay with us.